«Shoebox cinema» – Mare Nostrum

Shoebox cinema – an idea from the 1970s

Large film theatres and foyers were divided into small units. Within the same building, with hardly any need for more staff, significantly more films could be shown.
‘MARE NOSTRUM – A Concert. A Journey.’ We are showing this film here in the ‘shoebox cinema’ with its subtitles in 11 languages. These are the native languages of the musicians who performed at the concert.

A journey to sounds and also to silence, to other cultures, as far as Africa and back across the sea, to the foreign and to friends – and finally to ourselves.


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English subtitles

Sous-titres en français

Sottotitoli in italiano

Deutsche Untertitel

Subtítols en català

Subtítulos en español

Sous-titres en arabe                                                     ترجمة عربية للحوار

Hebrew subtitles                                                           כתוביות בעברית

Ελληνικοί υπότιτλοι  –  Greek subtitles

Հայերեն ենթագրերով  –  Sous-titres arméniens

Türkçe altyazı  –  Turkish subtitles

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