Michelle Bruns Filmschaffen ist geprägt von grossem Respekt, von Menschenliebe und Innovationskraft.

Michelle Brun

Michelle Brun, born in 1978, is a freelance filmmaker and initiator of the educational project ‘Filasez’ in Winterthur. She studied at the ESCAC in Barcelona, where she specialised in documentary production. Since 2006 her documentary films have included ‘Water Runs Deep’ ‘Tales Wander’ and ‘MARE NOSTRUM – A Concert. A Journey’. In 2014 she initiated the development of the film class ‘Tele Vivante’ for children and young people at the Scuola Vivante, which she led successfully.

Her work is characterised by a great deal of respect, human kindness and innovation. Her cinematic intuition is able to position the protagonists so that excerpts from their lives are touching, encouraging people and provoking discussion.

In my film work to date, music has always played a crucial role

Michelle Brun is a mother of two, combining her professional roles as a filmmaker, entrepreneur, initiator and mother in a committed, calm manner.

MARE NOSTRUM – A Concert. A Journey.

Bildungsinitiative Filasez

Scuola Vivante